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Gulqand Gul Bahar (Rose Petal Preserve) 800.grams


Murabba Harar (Myrobalan Preserve) 225.Grams

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Gulqand Sadabahar (Rose Petal Preserve) 1.Kg


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1. Gulkand is cooling so is beneficial in alleviating all heat related problems like tiredness, lethargy, itching, aches and pains, reduces burning sensations in the soles and palms.

2. It treats mouth ulcers, makes teeth and gums strong and also reduces redness and inflammation of the eyes.

3. It reduces women’s problems like leucorrhea and heavy menses.

4. It improves appetite, betters digestion, corrects digestive issues.

5. It is an excellent tonic, reduces stress, strengthens the heart, liver and central nervous system.

6. Gulkand reduces acidity and reduces heat in the stomach, treats ulcers and swelling in the intestine.

7. It corrects skin issues like pimples, blemishes etc.

8. It corrects sperm defects in males like less or weak sperms.

9. It protects from sunstroke, controls nose bleed in summer. Eat 2 tsp gulkand before going out in the sun.

10. It is a mild laxative and strengthens the 7 dhatus (fundamental elements or tissues, namely, plasma, blood, muscles, fat, semen, bone and bone marrow) of the body.


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