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Murabba Aam Mango Preserve in Sweet Syrup 400.grams Pet Jar

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Aam Ka Murabba (Mango Preserve) is a favorite stuff for kids. It is a delicious recipe especially prepared out of unripe and non-fibrous mangoes. It can be prepared in the mango season and preserved for the entire year. It can act as a sweet retreat after every meal.


Mangoes fight mainly four types of cancer namely breast, prostate, leukemia and colon cancer. The antioxidants present in mangoes like gallic acid, isoquercitrin, fisetin, methylgallat, quercetin and astragallin protect the body against the four types of cancers mentioned above.


Mango Murabba can lower serum cholesterol levels because they have high content of pectin, vitamin C and fibers. Mango murabbas can be quite effective in keeping your cholesterol level under control round the year.


Proper alkalization of body is taken care of by mangoes. Mango has a rich content of malic acid and tartaric acid and a trace amount of citric acid. These natural acids help in maintaining the conventional alkali reserve of the body.

As you know, vitamin A is good for eyes. Mangoes are rich in vitamin A, in fact, one cup of sliced mango equals to 25 per cent of vitamin A. They help in prevention of night blindness, cure the problem of dry eyes and help in the promotion of good eyesight.

Aphrodisiac qualities

Any recipe of mango proves to be beneficial in terms of enhancing vitality in men. Mango can be termed as ‘love fruit’ otherwise.


Mango Murabba is a great aid for digestion. It contains protein-digesting enzymes. Its fiber content also enhances the digestion process by contributing to the elimination step, which is a vital method in the entire digestive process.


Mangoes boost and strengthen the immune system. There are twenty-five types of carotenoids, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which cumulatively contribute to keeping the immune system healthy and going.

Memory and concentration

Glutamine acid present in mangoes helps in the enhancement of both memory and concentration by keeping the brain cells lively. Thus, anyone with memory disorder can rely on mango murabba for sharpening his or her memory as well as concentration.


Mango murabba are rich in iron. Therefore, they act as natural remedy for people suffering from anemia. You can have mango murabbas when mangoes are not available in the market.


Menopausal women can have mangoes for restoration of iron and calcium deficiencies because of high content of both iron and calcium.


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