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Murabba Behi (Quince Preserve) 225.grams


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Murabba Behi (Quince Preserve) 450.grams


Murabba Behi Quince Preserve in Sweet Syrup 450.grams

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Quince is a fruit of Paradise. It Strengthens Heart, Cures Intestinal Ulcer & is Good for Women during Pregnancy which enables them to have Handsome Babies. It gives Strength of 40 Men to a Person.

The health benefits of quince include its ability to prevent cancer, aid in weight loss, improve digestive health, reduce cholesterol, and boost the immune system. It also prevents gastrointestinal diseases, soothes inflammation, improves the health of your skin, decreases blood pressure, prevents allergic reactions, and stimulates circulation in the cardiovascular system.

Hadith References:-

1. Hazrat Talha رضي الله عنه says that he went to Nabi صلی اللہ علیہوسلم & Nabi صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم had Safarjal (السفرجل) in his hand & said Take it, oh! Talha for it soothes the heart. : Reference Ibn Ma-jah: 3494: Book No. 29; In English volume no. 4 Book 29, Hadees no 3369.

2. Hazrat Jabir Bin Abdullah رضي الله عنه says that Nabi صلی اللہ علیہوسلم said “Eat Safarjal (السفرجل) (Quince) because it heals cardiac problems & removes heaviness from chest : Reference Kanz al-Ummal: 28258.

3. Hazrat Anas Bin Malik رضي الله عنه says that Nabi صلی اللہ علیہوسلم said “By eating Safarjal (السفرجل) (Quince), heaviness in Qalb (heart) reduces . : Reference Kanz al-Ummal: 28261

4. Hazrat Auif Bin Malik رضي الله عنه says that Nabi صلی اللہ علیہوسلم said, “Eat Safarjal (السفرجل) because it prevents Cardiac Problems & strengthens the heart. : Reference Kanz al-Ummal: 28260.

Best Time to eat Safarjal (Quince): –

5. Hazrat Anas Bin Malik رضي الله عنه says that Nabi صلی اللہ علیہوسلم said, to eat Safarjal (السفرجل) early morning on empty stomach .: Reference Kanz al-Ummal: 28259.

Safarjal (Quince) in Pregnancy: –

6. Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Masood رضي الله عنه says Nabi صلی اللہ علیہوسلم said, that “Give your pregnant to eat Safarjal (السفرجل) (Quince) & Hazrat Auf Bin Malik رضي الله عنه adds, it prevents Cardiac Problems ( يجم دالفوءا) & makes the baby son beautiful (ويحسن الولد ). : Reference Al-Aasaar: 70 (Abdul Ibn Masood) & Jamia ul Ahadees: 15779 (Auf Bin Malik)

Quince Behi Safarjal Ka Murabba

Increases stamina

Gives strength of 40 Men

Prevents any type of Heart Diseases

Stimulates Circulation in the Cardiovascular System

Strengthens heart and prevents heart blockage

Increases vigor, vitality and libido

Good for pregnant women

It Improves Digestive Health and reduces Cholesterol

Gives strength to body

Treats ED, premature ejaculation


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