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1. Low in Calories
As one of the dish ingredients, red grape vinegar is quite low in calories so it is great for you who are currently in special diet program which not allow you to consume high calories food.

2. Great for Weight Loss
As it is low calories so red grape vinegar is quite safe for those who are currently in a weight loss program. Dishes with red grape vinegar will not cause weight gain.

3. Positive Impact in Insulin Response
Some studies have shown that red grape vinegar contains some natural compounds that could give positive impact in insulin response. In other words, it is also beneficial to maintain blood sugar level.

4. Helps Control Satiety
The problem with weight loss diet or people with diabetes is the find it very difficult to control their appetite. Red grape vinegar could assist in this matter by helping control the satiety.

5. Greats for Type 2 Diabetes
Type 2 diabetes is type of diabetes mostly suffered by those who have problem with weight gain. The fats in the body make insulin cannot work optimally to manage blood sugar level. Well, red grape vinegar could help reducing the weight and at the same time improve insulin response.

6. Improve Liver Metabolism
Liver is where insulin is produced. One of the factors that causes insulin cannot be produced is when liver metabolism is disturbed. Red grape vinegar could help improving the liver metabolism to make sure optimal production of insulin.

7. Rich of Antioxidants
Some studies have stated that just like red wine, red grape vinegar is also containing some powerful antioxidants that are great to fight free radicals and at the same time improve immunity system.

8. Excellent for Heart
The amount of potassium in red grape vinegar is quite high while the sodium is relatively low. It is actually one of the benefits of red grape vinegar, which is promoting healthy heart.

9. Fights Inflammatory Condition
Inflammatory condition is not an easy condition to deal with because it could affect other parts of your body. However, red grape vinegar contains some properties that could act as anti-inflammation and help fighting the condition.

10. Prevent the Development of Cancerous Cells
All foods that are rich of antioxidants are excellent to fight free radicals that could prevent the development of cancerous cells and red grape vinegar is no exception.

11. Solution to Blood Clots
Blood clots are essential for wound healing and prevent infection. Unfortunately, sometimes blood clots appear in the vital area like in artery or veins that could disturb the distribution of blood and reduce the blood flow.

12. Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack
Slow blood flow could cause various fatal conditions and one of them is heart attack because due to that condition heart will be forced to work too hard.

13. Prevent Stroke
When blood is not flowing in normal place, condition like stroke is likely to occur because the oxygen distribution to the brain will be disturbed as well. Red grape vinegar could help eliminating some factors that could cause blood is flowing in slower pace to prevent stroke.

14. Increases HDL Cholesterol
HDL cholesterol or also well known as good cholesterol is essential for human health. It will make sure to balance the LDL or bad cholesterol that could cause unnecessary blood clots in the artery and veins or disturb the digestive system.

15. Combats Metabolic Condition
Some metabolic conditions could affect cardiovascular health and cause some complication like diabetes and cholesterol. There are some powerful antioxidants and some natural compounds that could help combating this kind of condition.

16. Prevents the Formation of Plaque
Plaque is actually one of the factors that could cause heart attack and stroke. The main cause of the accumulation of plaque formation is the high level of LDL. As mentioned in previous point, red grape vinegar could help balancing the level of LDL by promoting the production of HDL cholesterol.

17. Promotes the Production of Red Blood Cells
Red blood cells are essential to distribute nutrients and oxygen to the whole of part of the body. Without which metabolism process will be disturbed.

18. Fights Anemia
Anemia caused by iron deficiency where red blood cells are not produced to fulfill the need of the body. As mentioned in previous point, red grape vinegar could help you fighting anemia by making sure enough stock of red blood cells.

19. Contains Anti-bacterial Agents
One of the amazing thing of red grape vinegar is this kind of vinegar contains high amount of anti-bacterial agents that are effective to fight infections.

20. Treats Minor Skin Conditions
One of the infections that could be fought by red grape vinegar is some skin conditions. Though it only applies to treat minor skin conditions only.

21. Natural Solution to Sun Burn
Do you have problem with sun burn? Try applying red grape vinegar to help you soothing the burning sensation and at the same time accelerating the healing process.

22. Home Remedy to Itchy Skin
There are some factors that could cause itchy skin from insect bites up to allergy. However, before you find the root of the problem, applying red grape vinegar to sooth up the symptoms is very useful.


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